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As you know, on Tuesday the Senate Foreign Relations Committee met once more to consider the nomination of John Bolton as UN Ambassador. In the light of many serious allegations against Bolton that have emerged over the past few weeks, I along with the other committee Democrats urged Chairman Lugar to hold off on a final vote until these allegations could be fully explored.

Most observers expected our efforts to fail, figuring that committee Republicans would steamroll Democrats on a party line vote and ram Bolton's nomination through, sending it to the Senate floor for a final vote. But that didn't happen.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of the online community, including more than 37,000 emails you sent to your senators through my PAC website alone, Bolton's nomination was stopped in its tracks. Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio joined committee Democrats in urging more careful consideration of John Bolton's nomination, delaying a final vote for three weeks -- and I am so grateful for his support on this critical issue.

Now, it's time for us to do more.

Clearly, John Bolton is not qualified to be UN Ambassador -- and it's time to tell President Bush to nominate someone else.

John Bolton's nomination is dividing the country. This is a man who has shown nothing but contempt for the United Nations throughout his career. This is a man who has bullied intelligence analysts to try to get them to say what he wants, even when it's not true. This is a man who doesn't get along well with others and, if confirmed, would be entrusted with representing our nation in sensitive diplomatic negotiations at the United Nations.

Surely we can do better. Surely we can find a nominee for UN Ambassador that America can support and get behind -- not someone who divides our country and alienates our allies.

Tell President Bush to send the Senate a new UN nominee -- please sign my petition to the White House now:

Every President has the right to choose senior members of his Administration. But every President also has an obligation to the American people that those nominees are well qualified for the positions they seek.

Clearly, with the nomination of John Bolton, George Bush has failed us. America deserves so much better from our United Nations Ambassador.

If you agree, please join me and tell President Bush to send us a new nominee today!

Thanks so much to all of you in the Daily Kos community for your continued support -- and all of your hard work. I can't do it without you.

In Friendship,


Originally posted to Barbara Boxer on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:34 PM PDT.

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  •  Senator... (4.00)
    you and Senators Kerry, Dodd, Biden and Sarbanes made me so proud yesterday!

    Thanks for all that you do.

    Take action every day:

    by JLFinch on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:27:01 PM PDT

    •  I'll say (none)
      I had such a good time watching. Felt good!
      •  agreed (none)
        i'm kinda NOT wanting bolton to go away.  he's damaging Bush pretty good right now.

        thank you senator boxer again!  you, biden, kerry, dodd, sarbanes, & VOINIVICH rock!

        •  No, please. Let him go away (none)
          This is a very dangerous man who would be doing this country a great disservice by being our diplomat to the world. We would make more enemies than friends, be viewed in a more hostile manner, and would be less likely to achieve necessary reforms at the UN body.

          "Go away and never come back." Gollum

          'Go away and never come back'

          The Book of Revelations is NOT a foreign policy manual.

          by Dont Just Stand There on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 02:54:05 PM PDT

          [ Parent ]

    •  I also (4.00)
      liked what Obama had to say.  It seemed to convince Voinovich too.

      Visit: pastordan, susanhu, maryscott oconnor, jerome a paris and Welshman at Booman Tribune

      by BooMan23 on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:48:10 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  I really enjoyed it too.. (none)
      I really loved watching that hearing... It was the best TV I've seen in months!

      Personally, I believe that our U.N. representative should be an elected, rather than appointed position, as it would give that person (and the U.N. and the International Laws hammered out there) a bit more credibility in the minds of Americans. But, until then, I am glad to see that at least SOME Senators take their advise and consent role seriously.

      •  Electing (none)
        our UN rep might also have a demonstration effect on other countries, showing them what democracy is all about.

        But you'll never get it past the Republicans. It would smack too much of the "United World Federalists" for their tastes.

      •  I would tend to agree with you (none)
        that such a representative should be elected, but judging by how things have been going for the past 5 or so years, I'm not so sure even that would be any guarantee of credibility, legitimacy and support among Americans (and the world).

        I mean, look what kind of president the U.S. citizens voted in for themselves -- and twice, at that! Incompetence, ignorance, and boorishness seem to be winning traits lately.

    •  Super Super Super impressed (4.00)
      Senator Boxer, you ROCK.  I am so proud to be from California and able to vote for you, and support you without fear of being an "outside influence!"

      I also love the letter you sent to Condi Rice.  I hope you made sure a copy was sent straight to Vilnius so she doesn't miss it under all the PDBs she needs to explain to W.

      Chaos, fear, dread. My work here is done.

      by madhaus on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 09:30:39 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Count me as proud too... (3.66)
      Senator Sarbanes is my senator, and so I will write him separately to thank him as well.  But I had to post here to say that I may never have been so proud of a group of Democratic senators.  I owe you all a debt of gratitude for your principled fight on behalf of all Americans.  I will not forget.  For the first time in my life I am inspired to donate funds not only to a national party, or Democrats within my  state, but to principled senators such as you and your colleagues on this committee.  Sending flowers on Valentine's Day felt good, but this will feel even better!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    •  Strategy (4.00)
      Please write and/or call Senators Hagel, Chafee and Voinovich and ask them to vote their conscience on the Bolton nomination - please also thank Voinovich and Hagel for doing the right thing by asking to hear the facts.

      This is important, because if independent minded Republicans can stand up against the White House on principal with no backlash they will be encouraged to do it again.

      This all started with the Rice nomination when Senator Boxer took the lead and confronted the establishment almost by herself then after there was no serious backlash other Democrats followed her lead.

      This stand on principle continued with the Gonzalez nomination when the Democratic caucus stood almost completely united and many principled Republicans came very close to breaking ranks on Gonzalez.

      Now we are at the Bolton hearings and initially two Republicans (Hagel and Chafee) threatened to break ranks, but presumably were threatened, however Voinovich stuck his neck out and did the right thing.

      It is important to know that the dam has a crack and the Republicans will try to fix the crack by attacking Voinovich to show other Republicans that there is a price to pay for breaking ranks. However, if there is no price to pay the dam will break and other principled Republicans will start to stand up for their principles.

      Therefore, we all must support Voinovich and express our support for his independent minded position on this issue. We must support other independent minded Republicans as well.

      If you are from Ohio or have ANY connection to Ohio, please tell Senator Voinovich how you feel. In addition, please tell Senators Hagel and Chafee how you feel. I would also suggest contacting Senator Sanunu as well - I think he can be turned around also.

      This battle is a prelude to the "nuclear war" that will take place in the near future. The same Republican Senators that would vote against Bolton are the same Senators that would vote to uphold tradition and the filibuster.

      You are in the eye of the storm, however if you continue to fight and weather this storm there is a rainbow and a pot of gold waiting for you on the other side of the mountain. If you lead and participate in this fight the reward will be all the sweeter.

      Voinovich (202) 224-3353
      Hagel (202) 224-4224
      Chafee (202) 224-2921
      Sununu (202) 224-2841

    •  I also write (none)
      to thank you Senator Boxer for all that you do on behalf of the American people, the Constitution, liberty.


  •  Thank You! (4.00)
    Thanks for your service.
  •  We are on it, Senator (3.88)
    Congratulations and thank you for the fabulous showing that you and Biden and the Democrats gave us yesterday!  We love you guys.

    Already signed your petition.

    You give us great hope for a future that will not dismantle and destroy our constitution and our nation.


    "Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

    by shirlstars on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:28:14 PM PDT

  •  Thanks, Senator! (4.00)
    You're truly amazing! Those freepers are so frightened by your courage and conviction.
  •  Proud (4.00)
    Watching the video of the hearing yesterday made me proud to be Democrat.  Thank you Senator Boxer and the rest of the committee Democrats for fighting to preserve the integrity of our government.

    "He who has faith has everything" --Fortune Cookie Wisdom

    by Man Eegee on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:29:06 PM PDT

    •  Completely proud (4.00)
      and... Senator you were great on Crossfire today. I loved your comment about Crossfire perhaps needing reform as well...

      Great job as usual! Thanks so much for continuing to fight for the Constitution and democracy.

  •  He has failed us (3.75)
    "Clearly, with the nomination of John Bolton, George Bush has failed us. America deserves so much better from our United Nations Ambassador"

    Alot more than just this lunatic nomination.

  •  Watching you and your colleauges yesterday was... (4.00)
    ...exhilarating! Thank you, thank you for your tenacity. Heard you on Ed Shultz today also, don't stop!


    by highacidity on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:29:57 PM PDT

  •  Senator Boxer - thank you for standing up (3.83)
    to these bullies.  I was furious when Lugar kept trying to shut down debate because "it was done 18 years ago."  You did an excellent job standing up for the right thing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention."

    by adigal on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:31:09 PM PDT

  •  I sent this suggested message (3.80)
    to the President.  I think that YOU are the true diplomat when you say about Bolton:  "This is a man who doesn't get along well with others." Or as they put it on preschool report cards:  "does not play well with others." I really appreciate all that you are doing on this issue and on other issues in front of the Senate
  •  You are a true patriot (3.87)
    I'm so relieved to have someone in the Senate whom I genuinely feel has the best interests of this country at heart.

    It's icing on the cake that you're MY Senator.

    •  So proud that you're my senator! (none)
      I'd like to add my support as another proud
      Californian (zip: 95442) ... how proud I am to have you and Rep. Woolsey standing up for what is right!

      You're supported by more people than you know at my school (Boalt), please keep up the GREAT work!

  •  Another proud Californian (3.85)
    You've stuck yourself squarely in the focus of the VRWC.  No doubt the heat is getting directed at you pretty fiercely these days.  Know that we are VERY proud of you, and that you have our support and admiration.  Thank you, Senator.

    "Whatever they want the answer is no. Now is not the time to fold, now is the time to up the ante." -- Charles Pierce

    by baba durag on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:33:08 PM PDT

  •  Thank you (3.85)
    The passion showed yesterday by you and your fellow senators was moving and inspiring. It has given me a renewed faith in the political process.  Truly awe-inspiring.  

    The agnostic, dyslexic, insomniac was up all night wondering if there really is a Dog.

    by bananagrabber on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:33:10 PM PDT

  •  So proud to be from NorCal! (3.83)
    Thank you Barbara... Contra Costa loves you.

    Your thoughtful, couragous actions to protect our great country from itself are and forever will be appreciated... and well remembered.

    What a fool I would have been to let self-respect interfere with my happiness! - Kurt Vonnegut Bluebeard

    by SteveK on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:33:46 PM PDT

  •  In all honesty Senator Boxer (3.91)
    I don't think the President listens to anyone except those he has handpicked to be in his presence.

    I'll send the email, but I doubt it will have any effect.

    However, let me just say that you and your colleagues on the Committee yesterday made me proud of our country -- proud that we still had someone who believe our democracy is worth fighting for against these fascist assaults from the Right.  You have my support for that alone.

    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.

    by Steven D on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:34:45 PM PDT

  •  Great job yesterday. (4.00)
    I was intrigued by the difference in styles between you and your male colleagues. Softer, certainly -- but not timid or girly. The whole "more flies with honey" thing in action. Sen. Kerry was also similarly set apart by his calm assertions.

    Fascinating and passionate hearing; thank you and the other Democrats AND Sen. Voinovich for biting into the attempted railroading and not letting go until you won.

    Rage, rage, against the lying of the Right.

    by Maryscott OConnor on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:35:10 PM PDT

  •  thank you thank you thank you!!! (4.00)
    Keep up the good work, and good luck, too. You guys will probably need it. Who  knows who they'll nominate next? Attila the Hun?!
  •  Thank you, Senator! (4.00)
    I've been able to vote for you in all your Senate races, and I've never cast a vote I've been happier with. Keep up the good work!

    Those who don't remember the future are doomed to repeat it.

    by Abou Ben Adhem on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:36:59 PM PDT

  •  We're Proud of You Ms. Boxer (4.00)

    "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - JFK

    by jillian on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:38:54 PM PDT

  •  Thanks Senator Boxer (4.00)
    This NorCal voter appreciates what you and the other Dem Committee members did. I watched with fascination as the group of you switched off the attack lead with one another during the meeting. Important work.

    Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it. - Mark Twain

    by Rolfyboy6 on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:38:56 PM PDT

  •  I heart Barbara Boxer... (4.00)
    Too bad she's a happily married woman.

    What's that? You say my fiance is standing behind me, watching me type? I'll see you guys later... Much later.

  •  thanks from SoCal (none)
    I was glued to cspan yesterday- all of you were amazing. I'm so proud of my Boxer votes- I want a tshirt that says "she's my senator!"
  •  Thank You Senator Boxer (4.00)
    I am so glad you are my senator.  Not only do you represent my values, you are responsive and communicative about what is going on.  For the first time, I feel that I actually am being represented in my government.  I signed the petition and sent a letter.

    It was facinating to watch the meeting on Tuesday and follow along with the comments here.  

    Does anyone know what the little note passed to Senator Lugar said to which he responded something like " there appears to be a lot of people watching this" ?

  •  in dailykosworld (3.97)
    Barbara Boxer is everyone's senator.

    "....a relative newbie (user ID in the 18,000 range).. "

    by Miss Devore on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:40:34 PM PDT

  •  strength (3.90)
    Dear Senator Boxer,

    The fortitude you've displayed, from the Electoral College challenge right up through the Bolton hearings, has been a wonder to observe.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

    You (and we) must maintain the pressure on the Bush malAdministration, must continue to stand up for real American values.  If we're to believe polls and (some) pundits, your actions and efforts are beginning to pay off.  Soon, I hope, the squeeze on Tom DeLay will bring him down; soon, I hope, Bill Frist will either withdraw or lose his attack on the Senate rules.  And the worm will, I hope, continue to turn as our fellow citizens finally come to see the real goals of Bush and his cronies.

    One more thing -- as we head into the holiday season of redemption through fortitude and sacrifice,

                                 Happy Pesach

    to you and your family.

    You're only young once, but you can be immature forever -- Larry Andersen

    by N in Seattle on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:41:18 PM PDT

  •  Thank you! (4.00)
    Thank you, Senator Boxer, for being a rare, clear and courageous progressive voice in the Senate - for everything from your eloquent opposition to John Bolton to your recent success in getting the Senate to overturn the Global Gag Rule. I signed your petition, and will continue to support you in this fight to stop Bolton, and to bring real progressive values back into our government.

    Thank you!

    You continue to be an inspiration to us all!  And it was great hearing you on Randi Rhodes today!

    "When you trade your values for the hope of winning, you end up losing and having no values, so you keep losing." -- Howard Dean, "You Have The Power"

    by Muboshgu on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:46:55 PM PDT

  •  Cool (none)
    And thank you, but please, if you're going to post on DKos, don't just cut and paste mass-action email alerts -- we're in Real Time here, and we tend to be a little more tuned in than just the average guy on the DNC's email list.

    If th' meek ever do inherit th' earth some one'll git it away from 'em before they have it an hour

    by NorthStarDemocrat on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:47:57 PM PDT

  •  Thanks again, Senator Boxer (none)
    You do us proud!

    Well-behaved women rarely make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

    by jaysea on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:48:12 PM PDT

  •  Bravo for Boxer! (none)
    And thanks!
  •  Dear Senator Boxer, (4.00)
    Do you find Bush's choices to be intentionally divisive, or just ideologically right-wing?  I'm finding them to be both, really. It's almost as if he wants to tear the country down and make war.  

    I think we're in some trouble here.  I've never been so appalled at my own government before, and I do remember Watergate very well. This is just insane.

    Thanks for your good, good work.  I really appreciate you.  Frankly, at this point, I appreciate any grown-up at the table.

    Margot (Ohio resident)

    •  I have this nagging feeling (3.80)
      that Bush's rotten apple choices for important positions are to keep us in battle mode and influence unfairly public opinion to sway his choices for judicial appointments.

      I sleep ever so slightly easier knowing our top-notch Senator Barbara Boxer is on the job.


      A society of sheep must beget in time a government of wolves. Bertrand de Jouvenel

      by Little Red Hen on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:50:06 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  Until you said that (none)
        About keeping us in battle mode...I hadn't really considered it, not as a part of his domestic policy, anyway.  But then, of course I had, because that's how I figured he got elected. Polls went up after 9/11.  He got voted for this time because people wanted "security" and he's the blankey.  

        But to hear it so baldly stated just threw me.

  •  Thank you, Senator Boxer! (none)
    I sleep a little easier knowing that you, and a very few of your colleagues, are fighting the good fight to save our country.

    and... a zissen Pesach!

    As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it? - William Marcy Tweed

    by sidnora on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:52:10 PM PDT

  •  Thank you so much... (3.75)
    That meeting was a sight to see...a job well done by all involved.  Please convey my appreciation to your colleagues.

    I'm thrilled that you came by.  I heard you today on two radio programs, and here you are reaching out to us.  This is exactly what we're getting your (our) message out, and that's a crucial piece that's been missing for us, with, of course, a few very notable exceptions.  I hope to see you on the Sunday shows this week.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

    Decisions are made by those who show up.

    by poe on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:54:52 PM PDT

  •  Thank you (4.00)
    I signed your original petition and just signed your new one.

    As an ex-Republican, let me tell you I am so proud of what you are accomplishing.

  •  I'm proud you're my Senator! (none)
    You're my hero as well!
  •  Done. (4.00)
    You guys kicked butt yesterday, it should have been on Pay-Per-View.

    "When your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil." -- James Carville

    by sgilman on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:57:13 PM PDT

    •  Pay-per-view (4.00)
      Glad there wasn't a charge - I watched it three different times! Sen. Boxer, there's almost nothing I wouldn't sign at your behest. You make me proud to be a Democrat and a woman. Keep up the great work.

      "As peace is of all goodness, so war is an emblem, a hieroglyphic, of all misery"

      by MissAnneThrope on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 03:57:07 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Great job on the committee (4.00)
    After the election comes the committee work. Isn't that the truth? And you make us all proud...especially we Californians.

    I've signed the petition and I know with just a little more and your minority members and a few majority members will kill this nomination.

    I can't remember when I've seen a committee full of Fighting Mad Democrats! It was a sight to see. And we wait for the next round.

    I thought there was going to be a physical committee revolt by the Democrats on the motion to close the meeting. What an amazing display of arrogance by the Chair! I can't imagine what kind of ungodly pressure he must have been under to take that action.

    My special congratulations to Senator Biden for leading the charge into fire and whose impassioned delivery was magnificent as was yours and the others.

    It was one helluva meeting, Senator.

  •  Love you Barbara! (4.00)
    You did a great job yesterday and it was such a huge relief to see the Democrats win on something as important as this issue.

    I can't sign the petition because I'm Canadian, but I wanted you to know that your reach goes far beyond your country's borders. Once again, you displayed the courage and conviction to act in the face of a very powerful administration and you succeeded. You exemplify what the Democrats need to be - a strong voice of reason. I applaud you and your colleagues on the committee for a job very well done.

    "I have lived with several Zen masters -- all of them cats." - Eckhart Tolle

    by catnip on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 05:58:47 PM PDT

    •  Catnip here may be Canadian... (none)
      ... but she cares about America more than most Americans. Thanks again, Catnip for starting the play-by-play diaries yesterday. I hereby declare you an honorary Californian (and so able to claim Ms. Boxer as your own :-)


      by highacidity on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:23:34 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  damn right! (4.00)
    With a better moustache this time!
  •  Kudos (none)
    It's really kind of special that we (the ordinary people) have this level of interaction with our senators, particularly the ones whom we're relying on to be our voice.  It actually makes me feel good about politicians for a change.  Thank you for that.

    "I feel your scorn and I accept it." - Jon Stewart

    by starkness on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:02:02 PM PDT

  •  Senator Boxer, (4.00)
    You (my current Senator), along with Sen. Sarbanes (my previous Senator), Sen Biden , Sen Dodd, Kerry and Sen Obama behaved with all the integrity, sense of justice and principle worthy of the US Senate. You showed yourselves to be strong, vigilant, honest and sympathetic leaders. You all made me proud to be a Democrat. Everyone was articulate and passionate and reasonable. Stay the course.

    we now know a lot of things, most of which, we already knew... (-dash888)

    by Tirge Caps on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:03:58 PM PDT

    •  Senator Kerry (4.00)
      I didn't mean to leave out his title. Yes, Sen Kerry was terrific, and Biden, my goodness, what treat to see passion for principles and knowledge of procedure. Unlike a certain senator from Virginia.

      we now know a lot of things, most of which, we already knew... (-dash888)

      by Tirge Caps on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:16:16 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  You rocked me at the CA Democratic Convention (none)
    I couldn't wait to get one of your T-Shirts.  I'm so happy you're my Senator.

    I signed the petition and sent it on its way.  Anything else you need from me, just ask.

  •  Dear Ms. Boxer (none)
    I've scanned the comments below, watched C-Span and the CrossFire and certainly would call you a not-so-secret weapon for the Dems.  This is bigger than just the Dems vs. Repubs.  This is much bigger.  We need honesty, integrity and above all forthrightness.  No more game playing.

    Impossibility in the political world?  Maybe.  I hope not.  Opinions make the world go round, action based on truth makes it better.

    Thank you for your truths.  And next time you see Norm Coleman, please step on his foot.  Call it tough love.  He needs it.

    ePluribusMedia Support citizen journalism!

    by kfred on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:05:30 PM PDT

  •  Lets stop Bolton from abusing anyone else (4.00)
    at the UN, or for that matter anywhere else in US government.

    If he wants to abuse people at one of those neocon think tanks, that would be poetic justice.

  •  Thanks Barbara Boxer (none)
    for defying the very definition of Senator (Senator = do nothing, elite, remote, out of touch, feeding from the same trough as the bad guys lying bastards). You are actually doing the job!

    Darkness washed over the Dude...darker than a black steer's tookus on a moonlight prairie night...there was no bottom

    by moon in the house of moe on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:07:26 PM PDT

  •  Senator (none)
     My husband and I want you to know how much we appreciate the hard work you have done on all of our behalfs. Thank you, again.
  •  When My Grandchild Asks Me (4.00)
    "What do real senators do?"

    I'll say with pride, "They do what America's Senator, Barbara Boxer, does."

    More than you know, for your ethics, courage, and steadfastness America thanks you.

    •  wow that brought tears to my eyes (none)
      How I wish I could point to my states senators, to the president, and proudly explain to my child what they do.

      Wouldnt it be great to live in a world where public service was the norm, and cynical greed was an abberation instead of the other way round.

      I can still hope.

  •  I know! I know! Bernard Kerik! No, wait ... (4.00)
    ... Donald Rumsfeld? Otto Reich? Doug Feith. Ollie North. Dennis Miller. Michael Savage. I dunno, so many flavors, it's hard to decide.

    Seriously, my impression on second and third viewing was of a team just finding its stride on the eve of the playoffs.

    Who is Mr. Republican? Tom DeLay is Mr. Republican

    by RonK Seattle on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:08:28 PM PDT

  •  It's a rare day (4.00)
    when C-Span is as riveting as the final game of the World Series.

    Thanks to you for hanging in there on this one.

  •  Thank you........ (none)
    Senator Boxer, you make C-Span so enjoyable to watch.
  •  The committee did great (none)
    and thank Chafee, Hagel, and especially Voinivich for their willingness to delay the vote.

    I was watching it online, and some of Lugar's behavior, especially during the vote to close the session early on, reeked of heavyhandedness.  I think you yourself mentioned that it might be the committee rules.

    I'm proud of all the democrats on the committee for standing up for whats right.

  •  Care to move to NC Sen. Boxer? (4.00)
    We could use a good Senator way over here :)  I've already offered to trade both of ours for one of you!

    Hey hey, ho ho, irresponsible corporatism and social intolerance have got to go! Hey hey, ho ho!

    by kfractal on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:18:35 PM PDT

  •  Here's a list of potential replacements (4.00)
    Ronald Reagan's Cabinet

            "By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations.  In terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration was the worst ever."

    • Lyn Nofziger--Convicted on charges of illegal lobbying of White House in Wedtech scandal.

    • Michael Deaver received three years' probation and was fined one hundred thousand dollars after being convicted for lying to a congressional subcommittee and a federal grand jury about his lobbying activities after leaving the White House. . .

    • E. Bob Wallach, close friend and law classmate of Atty General Edwin Meese, was sentenced to six years in prison and fined $250,000 in connection with the Wedtech influence-peddling scandal.

            Then there was:.
    • James Watt, Reagan's Secretary of the Interior was indicted on 41 felony counts for using connections at the Department of Housing and Urban Development to help his private clients seek federal funds for housing projects in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Watt conceded that he had received $500,000 from clients who were granted very favorable housing contracts after he had intervened on their behalf.  In testifying before a House committee Watt said: "That's what they offered and it sounded like a lot of money to me, and we settled on it." Watt was eventually sentenced to five years in prison and 500 hours of community service.

    • The Iran-Contra scandal. In June, 1984, at a National Security Council meeting, CIA Director Casey urged President Reagan to seek third-party aid for the Nicaraguan contras.  Secretary of State Schultz warned that it would be an "impeachable offense" if the U.S. government acted as conduit for such secret funding.  But that didn't stop them.  That same day, Oliver North was seeking third-party aid for the contras.  But Reagan, the "teflon President" avoided serious charges or impeachment. . .

    • Oliver North--Convicted of falsifying and destroying documents, accepting an illegal gratuity, and aiding and abetting the obstruction of Congress.  Conviction overturned on appeal due to legal technicalities. . .

    • John Poindexter, Reagan's national security advisor, --guilty of five criminal counts involving conspiracy to mislead Congress, obstructing congressional inquiries, lying to lawmakers, used "high national security" to mask deceit and wrong-doing. . .

    • Richard Secord pleaded guilty to a felony charge of lying to Congress over Iran-Contra. . .

    • Casper Weinberger was Secretary of Defense during Iran-Contra.  In June 1992 he was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of concealing from congressional investigators and prosecutors thousands of pages of his handwritten notes.  The personal memoirs taken during high level meetings, detailed events in 1985 and 1986 involving the Iran-Contra affair.  Weinberger claimed he was being unfairly prosecuted because he would not provide information incriminating Ronald Reagan.  Weinberger was scheduled to go on trial January 5, 1993, where the contents of his notes would have come to light and may have implicated other, unindicted conspirators.  While Weinberger was never directly linked to the covert operations phase of the Iran-Contra affair, he is believed to have been involved in the cover-up of the ensuing scandal. According to Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, Weinberger's notes contain evidence of a conspiracy among the highest ranking Reagan Administration officials to lie to congress and the American public.  Some of the notes are believed to have evidence against then Vice-President George Bush who pardoned Weinberger to keep him from going to trial. . .

    • Elliott Abrams was appointed by President Reagan in 1985 to head the State Department's Latin American Bureau.  He was closely linked with ex-White House aide Lt. Col. Oliver North's covert movement to aid the Contras.  Working for North, Abrams coordinated inter-agency support for the contras and helped solicit illegal funding from foreign powers as well as domestic contributors.  Abrams agreed to cooperate with Iran-Contra investigators and pled guilty to two charges reduced to misdemeanors.  He was sentenced in 1991 to two years probation and 100 hours of community service but was pardoned by President George Bush. . .

    • Robert C. McFarlane was appointed Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor in October 1983 and become well-known as a champion of the MX missile program in his role as White House liaison to congress.  In 1984, Mc Farlane initiated the review of U.S. policy towards Iran that led directly to the arms for hostages deal.  He also supervised early National Security Council efforts to support the Contras. Shortly after the Iran-Contra scandal was revealed in early 1987, McFarlane took an overdose of the tranquilizer Valium in an attempt to end his life.  In his own words: "What really drove me to despair was a sense of having failed the country." McFarlane pled guilty to four misdemeanors and was sentenced to two years probation and 200 hours of community service.  He was also fined $20,000.  He received a blanket pardon from President George Bush. . .

    • Alan D. Fiers was the Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency's Central American Task Force. Fiers pled guilty in 1991 to two counts of withholding information from congress about Oliver North's activities and the diversion of Iran arms sale money to aid the Contras.  He was sentenced to one year of probation and 100 hours of community service.  Fiers agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in exchange for having his felonies reduced to misdemeanors and his testimony gave a boost to the long standing criminal investigation of Lawrence Walsh, Special Prosecutor.  Fiers testified that he and three CIA colleagues knew by mid-1986 that profits from the TOW and HAWK missile sales to Iran were being diverted to the Contras months before it became public knowledge.  Alan Fiers received a blanket pardon for his crimes from President Bush. . .

    • Clair George was Chief of the CIA's Division of Covert Operations under President Reagan.  In August 1992 a hung jury led U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth to declare a mistrial in the case of Clair George who was accused of concealing from Congress his knowledge of the Iran-Contra affair.  George had been named by Alan Fiers when Fiers turned state's evidence for Lawrence Walsh's investigation. In a second trial on charges of perjury, false statements and obstruction of justice, George was convicted of lying to two congressional committees in 1986.  George faced a maximum five year federal prison sentence and a $20,000 fine for each of the two convictions.  Jurors cleared George of five other charges including two counts of lying to a federal grand jury.  Those charges would have carried a mandatory 10 months in prison upon conviction.  Clair George received a blanket pardon for his crimes from President George Bush. . .

    • Duane R. (Dewey) Clarridge was head of the CIA's Western European Division under President Reagan.  He was indicted on November 29, 1991 for lying to congress and to the Tower Commission that investigated Iran- Contra.  Clarridge was charged with five counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements for covering up his knowledge of a November 25, 1985 shipment of HAWK missiles to Iran. Clarridge was also suspected of diverting to the Contras weapons that were originally intended for the Afghan mujahaddeen guerrillas.  Clarridge received a blanket pardon for his crimes on Christmas Eve 1992 from President George Bush. . .

    • Environmental Protection Agency's favoritism toward polluters.  Assistant administrator unduly influenced by chemical industry lobbyists.  Another administrator resigned after pressuring employees to tone down a critical report on a chemical company accused of illegal pollution in Michigan.  The deputy chief of federal activities was accused of compiling an interagency "hit" or "enemies" list, like those kept in the Nixon Watergate period, singling out career employees to be hired, fired or promoted according to political beliefs. . .

    • Anne Gorscuh Burford resigned amid accusations she politically manipulated the Superfund money. . .

    • Rita Lavelle was fired after accusing a senior EPA official of "systematically alienating the business community." She was later indicted, tried and convicted of lying to Congress and served three months of a six-month prison sentence.  After an extensive investigation, in August 1984, a House of Representatives subcommittee concluded that top-level EPA appointees by Reagan for three years "violated their public trust by disregarding the public health and the environment, manipulating the Superfund program for political purposes, engaging in unethical conduct and participating in other abuses.".

    • Neglected nuclear safety. A critical situation involving nuclear safety had been allowed to develop during the Reagan era.  Immense sums, estimated at 200 billion or more, would be required in the 1990s to replace and make safe America's neglected, aging, deteriorating, and dangerous nuclear facilities. . .

    • Savings & Loan Bail-out. Hundreds of billions of dollars were needed to bail out savings and loan institutions that either had failed during the deregulation frenzy of the eighties or were in danger of bankruptcy. . .

    • Reckless airline deregulation. Deregulation of airline industry took too broad a sweep, endangering public safety.

    • Richard Allen, National Security adviser resigned amid controversy over an honorarium he received for arranging an interview with Nancy Reagan. . .

    • Richard Beggs, chief administrator at NASA was indicted for defrauding the government while an executive at General Dynamics. . .

    • Guy Flake, Deputy Secretary of Commerce, resigned after allegations of a conflict of interest in contract negotiations. . .

    • Louis Glutfrida, Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency resigned amid allegations of misuses of government property. . .

    • Edwin Gray, Chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank was charged with illegally repaying himself and his wife $26,000 in travel costs. . .

    • Max Hugel, CIA chief of covert operations who resigned after allegations of fraudulent financial dealings. . .

    • Carlos Campbell, Assistant Secretary of Commerce resigned over charges of awarding federal grants to his personal friends' firms. . .

    • Raymond Donovan, Secretary of Labor indicted for defrauding the New York City Transit Authority of $7.4. million.
    { Republicans will point out that Donovan was acquitted.  And that really matters in Donovan's case, because he was a Republican.  But it didn't matter for Clinton or any of his cabinet, most all of whom were acquitted, because THEY were Democrats!} * John Fedders, chief of enforcement for the Securities and Exchange Commission resigned over charges of beating his wife. . .

    • Arthur Hayes, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration resigned over illegal travel reimbursements. . .

    • J. Lynn Helms, chief of the Federal Aviation Administration resigned over a grand jury investigation of illegal business activities. . .

    • Marjory Mecklenburg, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Resources resigned over irregularities on her travel vouchers. . .

    • Robert Nimmo, head of the Veterans Administration resigned when a report criticized him for improper use of government funds. . .

    • J. William Petro, U.S. Attorney fired and fined for tipping off an acquaintance about a forthcoming Grand Jury investigation. . .

    • Thomas C. Reed, White House counselor and National Security Council adviser resigned and paid a $427,000 fine for stock market insider trading. . .

    • Emanuel Savas, Assistant Secretary of HUD resigned over assigning staff members to work on government time on a book that guilty to expense account fraud and accepting kickbacks on government contracts. . .

    • Charles Wick, Director of the U.S. Information Agency investigated for taping conversations with public officials without their approval.

    Visit: pastordan, susanhu, maryscott oconnor, jerome a paris and Welshman at Booman Tribune

    by BooMan23 on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:19:03 PM PDT

    •  Ok.. fess up... (none)
      how did you do that?


      Mitch Gore

      Nobody will change America for you, you have to work to make it happen

      by Lestatdelc on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:24:41 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

    •  Well (4.00)
      There definitely criminals, but do they have a record of harassing and intimidating people?  bush has a record to maintain, you know.

      "When your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil." -- James Carville

      by sgilman on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:31:22 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  To me (4.00)
        the shocking thing is that people no longer resign when their ethics are seriously questioned.

        They get promoted.

        I think that is one of the most serious deteriorations we have seen in 'good government'.

        Reagan hired crooks, but when they got caught, he forced them out, the press forced them out, the Dems forced them out.

        No longer happens, at all.

        Visit: pastordan, susanhu, maryscott oconnor, jerome a paris and Welshman at Booman Tribune

        by BooMan23 on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:13:04 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  I think the point of all this (none)
          is to quash dissent.  If you have spent serious time and effort (and money) opposing somebody you think is a crook and he instead gets rewarded you might spend less effort the next time.

          Unfortunately this conflict/knashing of teeth coming from the left also plays well to the ditto-heads.  Frankly they hate you and your discomfort is their pleasure.  Some of this is just playing to the base (and playing for keeps).

          That's what I'm on about. Did you see him repressing me?

          by sommervr on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 07:07:01 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

    •  Thank you for a Star Turn!! (none)
      < div style, etc; "lotsa code insert">Drumroll here!</end congratulations>
  •  good going (none)
    i used to wish i lived in california for the weather...with you i have 2 reasons! well maybe i'm back to one...the weather in jersey has been nice the last few days.

    Among politicians the esteem of religion is profitable; the principles of it are troublesome. - Benjamin Whichcote

    by hazydan on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:28:28 PM PDT

  •  petition link (4.00)
    The petition link says "kos" in it.  Nothing wrong with it; just noticed.  So, they are tracking or counting how many signers they get from here.  Hope it's a lot.
  •  THANK YOU (4.00)
    Hi Senator - Thanks for all that you do. You make us all very proud. We love you here in New York. You are our second favorite senator behind Hillary!
  •  This is a man (none)
    whose relationship to alcohol deserves serious consideration, given his alleged patterns of behavior.
    •  I'd like to know (none)
      If he's being treated by a psychiatrist. And if not, WHY not.  Kidding...I don't want to know.  
      He sure is a candidate for treatment, in my opinion.
      •  Frankly, I think we owe it to him. (none)
        He has repeatedly been placed in a situation beyond his competence and intellectual ability to cope, misinstructed upon the dire necessity of success (those X psy experiments)and told that the means justify the ends. It has driven him insane.
      •  Thank you for stimulating a further idea (none)
        for consideration: Now that he is out-out-out and has become Known for what he is, how do you think he will behave in the next few weeks? Dangerously? Maybe men in white coats ought to take an undisguised interest in how he manages to extricate himself from the hugely publicised defeat he has bought upon himself.

        Judgement? He could have refused the nomination.

  •  Thanks Senator (4.00)
    You are a source of strength for those of us who recognize how far this country has already gone down the wrong path.  PLEASE have a chat with your colleague Ken Salazar and share with him some of your insights.  We Coloradans need someone more like you representing our interests.  
  •  Keep up the good work... (4.00)
    I also want to send thanks to John Kerry for his brilliance during the hearing. Very impressive.
  •  yeah (4.00)
    everything thats been said times 1000 thank you b,b,
  •  Thank you, Senator & Staff (4.00)
    I've signed the petition.  

    Keep fighting the good fight!  

  •  Senator Boxer, (4.00)
    It's been said a thousand times already, but you deserve every bit of it: THANK YOU.

    You and your Democratic colleagues absolutely kicked ass yesterday.  I have never in my life enjoyed watching C-Span2 as much as I did yesterday.  In fact, I watched the re-run of the hearing later on!  I must admit, I too thought that Lugar would steamroll over the Democrats, but you and your colleagues made such passionate and brilliant arguments that you managed to convince one of the Republicans to speak up (which prompted others to do so as well).

    I think it is safe to say that yesterday was the first real 'win' for the Democrats this year, and it is absolutely because of your (and the other Dems') amazing work.

    It really can't be said enough times.  Thank you, Senator!

  •  Dear Senator Boxer, (4.00)
    I just wrote a letter to you and all the other Democratic senators on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee thanking you all for insisting on carrying through the investigation on John Bolton properly. (I am going to write a letter to the Republican members in a few minutes.)

    Because each of you spoke passionately and authentically about your reservations toward John Bolton, a few people on the Republican side of the committee are having pangs of conscience.

    I first heard those dramatic and pivotal minutes in the hearing on Randi Rhodes' show while I was driving home yesterday. I then watched a repeat of the proceedings on CSPAN.

    I was teary-eyed listening to each of you speak so eloquently as you stood up to other side and you voiced what all of us are feeling so strongly.

    Please continue to stand up for the right principles. Please tell your colleagues how we feel and how strongly we feel it!

    The U.S. government has been taken over by organized crime.

    by lecsmith on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:48:03 PM PDT

  •  wow...a chance to say (4.00)
    thank you!  

    And not merely for the principle of the thing, which is huge...but for some pretty riveting C-SPAN. :)


    Comments referring only to ratings are a nuisance. Noise. They waste time and bandwidth. We're all dumber for having read them.

    by willowby on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 06:50:03 PM PDT

  •  With pleasure (4.00)
    Just sent the message.

    I added that

    "Almost 45 years ago Soviet Union became the laughing stock of the world when Khruschev banged his shoe on the table at the UN. Given your current nominee's temper, I ask you to please nominate someone else before America becomes the new laughing stock of the world due to John Bolton's conduct."

    Thank you, Senator, for being a huge part of a real opposition party.

    And it's nice to see something good come out of Ohio lately.

  •  We force them to disclose their own methods (4.00)
    From the only NRO article on "DeLayed" Bolton:
    The strategy adopted by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Democrats is an obvious one: Obscure the true character of what is a rankly partisan attack on Mr. Bolton - one that is motivated by profound policy differences with this president over the nature of the U.N. today, its appropriate role in international affairs and, most especially, the degree to which the United States must defer to the anti-democratic "world body" in matters bearing on American security and other vital interests.
    The Democrats' campaign against Bolton compels one to ask: Are senators really prepared to make displays of anger from time to time, whether directed at subordinates or others, a disqualifier for high public office? After all, several of Bolton's most strident critics have notoriously ugly tempers. For example, John Kerry's quest for the presidency last Fall was marked by repeated allegations of his contemptuous, abusive, and high-handed treatment of campaign staff, Secret Service personnel, journalists and even ordinary citizens. Democratic members of the Foreign Relations Committee have been known to dress down staffers in open hearings for their perceived failings. And a hardy perennial of the Clinton White House years were tales of now-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's penchant for throwing lamps and the like in the Residence.

    It's so easy, isn't it? Obscure the right character of the opponent (Kerry, Gore, etc) by lunatic attacks, and obscure your own bad character by projecting it onto the opponent... Now they came up with "lamp throwing" or what... It's kind of good that they are forced to raise their lunacy level.
  •  Us Native Californians.... (4.00)
    ...are loving the job you are doing, Ms. Boxer!

    We are so proud of the job you did yesterday!!  I called both your office and Senator Biden's office to let you know that we are behind you 100%

    Keep up the good work - we are proud of our wonderful state and you are one of the reasons why!

  •  Thank you, Senator (4.00)
    but no matter who gets the nomination, please, please, please, keep us out of Iran.
  •  my thanks as well (4.00)
    just a thought.

    before this diary becomes massively unwieldy with, i don't know, 500 people saying "thanks"

    i guess  sure senator boxer is aware of our thanks, can anyone think of a way to stop that, simply get everyone to recommend it and allow this diary to stay reasonably small and allow that many more people to access it and get to the petition, which after all, is the point.

    i lose count of the number of times i read about people having trouble accessing/reading huge diaries.

    it started happening yesterday with catnips first diary covering the hearings.


    Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. - Edmund Burke

    by ukrich on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:00:03 PM PDT

    •  That's what the Permalinks are for! (4.00)
      Anyone who can't read a diary on account of the comments, can click on the diarist's name to get their diary page, then click on the "Permalink" under the diary in question. The bare diary will come up with no comments.

      Those who don't remember the future are doomed to repeat it.

      by Abou Ben Adhem on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:11:00 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  BARBARA, YOU ROCK! (4.00)
    It's people like you who make me proud to be a Democrat!  Keep up the good work!
  •  Thank you, Senator Boxer. n/t (none)
  •  Bolton's Actions (4.00)
    You are far too lenient on what Bolton did.

    He pressured a subordinate to lie.  That is conspiracy to defraud in accordance with 18 USC 1001, a criminal statute which applies to members of all three branches of the federal government.

    Intelligence estimates that are not based on clear evidence are fiction which is also covered in the above statute.

    Therefore, he attempted to coerce a federal emplyee to commit a crime.

    It is time the Bush Administration be held accountable for the lies and corruption they have spread through the fiber of the republic.

    It must be corrected to save the Nation.

    When you are done with Bolton go into CIA and find any analysts who were forced to lie for the fictions spread by the adminsitration concerning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    Once that is done you can work on the pemtagon's falsification of "threats" and usefulness of the industry "solutions" to those fictions other than to send taxpayers' money over to for profit arsenals.

    •  Exactly!! (3.66)
      What he said...

      While I'm pleased to see Bolton's nomination on the rocks, I continually wonder why the obvious fact that this man's behavior merely epitomizes the strategy adopted by the Bush administration to lie us into an illegal war is continually tiptoed around by the putative opposition.

      Why are they so sick and ridiculous?--C. Mingus

      by Rojo on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 09:12:11 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  This is a significant success.. (none)
    Especially if President Bush has to appoint someone else.  Although it is just one nomination in a string of unqualified individuals,  it is the first time the democrats have successfully blocked a Bush disaster.  I think this will invigorate the moral of this party.  I cannot tell you how many times I have to rally the troops who have all but abandoned the dems for being totally spineless.  Every senator must do what Barbara Boxer does, i.e. vote NO even if you are going to loose.  Lieberman on Al Frankin explained his yes vote on the Bankruptcy Bill in saying 'we were going to loose anyway and we had to move on"  Earth TO Lierberman!!! If you are going to loose anyway you vote NO vote your conscience (questionable that Lieberman has one)


    Its not easy being a Floridian. Click Here

    by lawstudent922 on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:18:19 PM PDT

  •  riiiiiiiiight (none)
    sure there were weapons of mass destruction (sigh) oh brother ya there were high terrorist alerts oh my god i can't take it anymore all of this lying is driving me crazy and i well that pretty much describes it all.

    Kids for america!:

  •  By the way, Senator... (none)
    It looks like the certificate for has expired (at least, I'm getting a security warning saying so.) Hopefully this isn't preventing anyone from donating to your PAC...

    Those who don't remember the future are doomed to repeat it.

    by Abou Ben Adhem on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:20:07 PM PDT

  •  I'm so glad (none)
    you decided not to retire.  You're making millions of us happy in an otherwise bleak time.  I thank you for your diligent work.  It makes a difference.
  •  Is there any chance that (none)
    Senator Lincoln Chafee might drop his public committment to Bolton in light of this development?
  •  Boxer 2008 (4.00)

      Boxer - Clark


      Clark - Boxer

      The ticket of integrity and competence

  •  Always a pleasure (none)
    to hear from Barbara, and to do her bidding.
  •  Thank you Barbara! (none)
     I've called your office commending your true patriotism and convictions.  I live in San Diego, America's Finest City. I feel you should be dubbed "America's Finest Senator". Keep up the GREAT work!
  •  And thanks also for (none)
    the bumper crop of strawberries.

    It's raining California strawberries in NYC.

  •  As always... (none)
    You rock, Barbara! Very proud to be a Californian!


    Welcome to Planet Baka. Enjoy your stay.

    by MamasGun on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:41:51 PM PDT

  •  Voinovich Question (none)
    Why do you think Voinovich voted this way? Do you think he was sincere about wanting more information or was this a Machiavellian plot of some kind?

    It would be nice to think that some Republican senators are willing to rise above partisan politics and think about what's best for the country. But we naturally suspect any of them who seem to show a modicum of sense.

    More broadly, how many Republican senators have gone over to the dark side? I'm weighing the benefits and risks of retiring in California vs. finding a nice, quiet country untouched by corporations--if I can still find one.

    Liberal Thinking

    Think, liberally.

    by Liberal Thinking on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:42:23 PM PDT

    •  Please don't answer, Madame Senator (none)
      We need all the help we can get fighting the lunatics being sent at us.  We should accept Sen. Voinovich's help whatever his motivation might be.

      I do not want to risk alienating Sen. Voinovich by revealing dissention within the Republicans' ranks, since that could only invite a clampdown by Frist, et. al.

      Antebellum plantations: the last time we had an "ownership society" and a "service economy."

      by Taxorgian on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 04:48:49 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Senator, (none)
    I can't thank you enough for your courage.  You continue to give us all a reason to keep fighting for our democracy, and we love you for it.

    Listen all of y'all it's a Sabotage! - Beastie Boys

    by See you out there on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:43:42 PM PDT

  •  You are da bomb! n/t (none)
  •  Much appreciate the work-- but it is expected (none)
    Barbara -- thank you for your principled stand on John Bolton.  Of course I will sign your petition.

    However, this kind of action-- considering the overall interests of the whole country-- should be expected of our leaders-- it should not be a cause for celebration because it happened once.

    What was Chafee thinking?  Bush has a right to his own person, even at the expense of the safety and security of the U.S. ??  Does Bush have the right to his own war, his own constitution, his own christian courts, and his own government?  Of course not!!

    Contrary to Tom DeLay's famous statment 'I am the federal government', the fact is that our representatives are truly that-- representative.  And their first obiligation is to put the interests of us, and our country first.  

    Thank you for doing this-- and it is so sad that it is unusual in Washington anymore.

    "Ah, what an age it is when to speak of trees is almost a crime for it is a kind of silence about injustice" (Brecht)

    by tsackton on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:49:55 PM PDT

  •  Thank You, Senator Barbara Boxer. (none)
    You make us all very proud.
  •  Question (none)
    Does there exist a Senator who actually makes up his or her mind in the committee meeting itself?  I find it almost impossible to believe that Voinovich didn't walk into the meeting planning to torpedo the nomination.  It would be fascinating to know exactly what sort of calculus drove his decision.  Carpetbagger has an idea and as much as I'd like the Centrist Revolt to be real, even more I'd like to know what sort of math he's actually working.  

    And as always, you're the Senator I wish I had in PA!  Rock on, Sen. Boxer.  

    Tom DeLay's GOP: cheating America in a time of war.

    by Tom Frank on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:53:59 PM PDT

  •  I worry a lot (none)
    I worry, That the best minds the Democrats have are having their energy sapped by these sideshow battles while the American public gets rolled on the main events. Like bankruptcy "reform" and all the other back room legislation that has been passed in the dead of night that's shredding the middle class.

    I know this Bolton guy is bad news. But he is representative of this administration. The American public isn't dumb and neither is the rest of the world. The only way we put a stop to this is to win elections. The only way that is going to happen is if we have a better plan to present to the American public. With the mid terms a mere 18 months away, I feel like the Bolton, Delay, Schiavo side shows are sucking up precious resources -mainly brain power and time...of which we don't have much to spare. So...

    1. How about a comprehensive health plan that any American can understand and afford?

    2. How about a exit plan with a deadline from Iraq.

    3. How about doubling and tripling the pay of our Soldiers while stiffening the qualifications and turning it into a real career instead of a death sentence. Halliburton has no problem finding volunteers for Iraq because they pay well and people can leave when the contract is up. Meanwhile our Army is going into the crapper as our defense bills rise and soldiers are sentenced to indentured servitude through blatant contract violations. Let the Democrats offer a solution for this. Republicans will never be able to use the military as part of their platform again.


    4. How about the DNC being organized to win elections from local to national using the latest technology, identifying the best candidates, and putting out a unified message. A little bit of issue discipline will help immensely.

    I know there is much more. But pick 2 or 3 issues that are easily understood and can win elections. Once power is solidified we can worry about repairing the damaged relationships with our friends and allies.

    So...Will it matter if John Bolton is stopped from going to the UN but 30-50 million Americans die for lack of health care because we aren't prepared to do battle in the mid-terms?

    We need to take back both houses and impeach the entire executive branch if necessary. We need our best people working on it. That means you Senator.

    A Bolton Nomination will probably help our cause more than hurt it. Let's stop reacting and start leading again. That's the only way you get power back. If we have no problem sending Bush Junior around the world so he can personally mangle our image and relationships, why should we get all geared up for a fight to stop one of his clones from stepping into the UN. That's what they expect from this administration. We shouldn't try to stop him from stepping into potholes of his own making.

    Lets work on getting the whole gang of them out of there. The mid-term fight is much larger than this one guy and it's almost round one. What's the playbook look like for winning? Do we have a plan? Or do we just keep reacting as these guys rip this country apart by winning a tiny battle here and there as they bankrupt the country.

    Great work your doing. I just don't want to see that incredible intelligence, experience and energy being wasted by one of many of the whackos these guys have dragged or are trying to drag into positions of power. Believe me they have plenty more where Bolton came from. Let's get em all out of there soon.

    If we don't, I have a feeling the 1930s will be upon us again. Sooner, much sooner, than later.

    Oversize Rants Available Overnight at
    The Image Factory

    by Dburn on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 07:54:15 PM PDT

    •  A good point for sure but (none)
      you win wars by winning battles. This was todays and this weeks battle. I'm sure the good Senator-MY Senator I'm proud to say, understands your point also. It is necessary to stop these Neanderthals at some point and I will take Bolton as a good start. This may very well be the beginning of the dam breaking as the few reality-based Republican Senators start checking back in. We can't win the 2006 elections TODAY but the symbolism of a defeat of the Bush neo-fascist steamroller is HUGE!  Thank you AGAIN Senator!

      Cheers! Doc Allen  

  •  What about Dodd's comment? (4.00)
    Thank you, Barbara, for all of your hard work and for providing us with the opportunity to add our names to the petition--I sent mine off right away.

    I was caught by Senator Dodd's comment about Bolton's actions (in blocking information he was not in agreement with from being passed on to those making subsequent decisions) being almost--I think he said "illegal" or "against the law."  Are Bolton's actions in his arms control position something that can be looked into further?  Isn't this part of what we had a commission investigation and report on regarding our lack of proper information gathering leading up to 9//11?  Shouldn't we be stressing this a little more in our points for rejecting his nomination?  He has obvious behavior problems.  But isn't he also guilty of intentionally subverting the intelligence gathering process?  

  •  standing up to Bolton (none)
    I'm proud of ourDems. Hell I'vealwaysbeen proud of them!
  •  a GOP Senator (none)
    may appreciate the fact that Bolton is an erratic character that may seriously embarass USA in general and GOP in particular.

    A loose canon like Bolton may alienate his staff to the point of having very embarrasing leaks, he may verbally abuse our allies (while our policy, for better or worse, is that of "shifting coalitions", Bolton can be compulsive about his grudges), he may sabotage a policy that differs from his zealot's views.

    An average mendatious neo-con should be preferable -- over Bolton -- to any conservative without lemming insticts.  

  •  Thank you, Senator! n/t (none)

    Be the creature. (But not a Republican.)

    by boran2 on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 08:23:14 PM PDT

  •  The Bolton hearing was such a contrast with (none)
    the Armed Services Committee hearing on confirmation of the new Deputy Secretary of DOD. It was a bi-partisan love fest, which included Senators Clinton and Kennedy. Dems are on TV, strong on nat. defense. Good contrast.
  •  Actually (none)
    I'd rather the nomination was voted down, as a sign that Bush doesn't have public support for the direction he's taking the country.
  •  Thank you, Senator Boxer. (none)
    And please pass on our effusive thanks to all Dem members of the committee. And Senator Voinovich, too, for taking a stand (if only provisional) against his own party.

    Kerry/Boxer '08!

  •  Thank you Senator! (none)
    Well done, and a reason for hope!
  •  Senator Boxer thank you once again (none)
    It helps knowing their are still leaders of poise, intelligence and courage. Looking forward to voting for you. Course I live in Texas so unless I move your just going to have to run for President.

    Boxer in 2008

  •  WWBD? (4.00)
    Many thanks to Senator Boxer and all the other Foreign Relations Committee members who worked to get the committee vote delayed.  I watched the C-SPAN re-run last night and was very impressed by the Democrats' performance, but I have to admit I most enjoyed seeing Senator Lugar squirm as his plans for rushing the Bolton nomination out of committee unraveled.
  •  Senator, every time I look for progressive (none)
    leadership on an issue, there you are!  Thank you for your courage, your willingness to stand up and speak for us, and your unfaltering commitment to democratic ideals.

    And thanks for setting up a PAC so we can help you!

  •  You hero, you! (none)
    Born in Arcata, I feel like your constituent.  And wish I were.
  •  Thank you, Senator Boxer. (none)
    You are a woman of conviction.
    You are in earnest.
    You do not equivocate.
    You do not excuse,
    You do not retreat a single inch.
    And you ARE HEARD.

    Like pygmies on the battlefield of history, we cower like whipped dogs in the face of political pressure. . . Robert Byrd 12/04.

    by Lords on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 09:39:49 PM PDT

  •  Wiped the cold sweat off my brow... (none)
    When I saw the news that Bolton's nomination was being delayed. I couldn't believe that yet another extremist nomination was being pushed through.

    I was extremely pleased when I heard that a Republican - and not the expected - had jumped party lines to uphold the concerns brought up by the Dems.  Thank you for your hard work.

    So who would be a better nominee?  I vote for Colin Powell.  He's proven that he can get along with just about anybody.

    •  What if this is another shell game? (none)
      Like Social Security, John Bolton may be a decoy to keep us from thinking about the real issues. Whenever a controversial candidate or issue comes up like this, I always wonder what it is that the White House doesn't want us to be thinking about.
  •  I watched the hearing TWICE on c-span (none)
    I was so utterly energized watching the dem coalition on the committee hammer away and not give up.  And when Voinovich spoke up, I couldn't believe my ears!  I expected the GOP to ram yet another horrible nomination through before the end of the business day, but the dems refused to let it happen.

    So, Bolton might get nominated and sent to the UN, but the morale that was boosted in our party will never be taken away from us.  Never.  We need to fight the GOP on every issue, nomination, and bill till we re-take the Congress and the White House.

    LetsFight. Worst.Message.Board.Handle.Ever. and I can't change it. Fight the radical right is the sentiment!

    by letsfight on Wed Apr 20, 2005 at 10:06:50 PM PDT

  •  Its been said BUT (none)
    Every Democrat sitting at that table yesterday made me proud. Thank you Senator Boxer!
  •  I also want to thank you (4.00)
    and the other Democratic Senators that have stood their ground.
    I think that we should also thank Steve Clemons over at The Washington Note, with his inumerable connections in Washington he has moved heaven and earth to get the word out on what type of person Bolton is.
  •  Dear Senator Boxer (4.00)
    thank you for being such a courageous voice for true American values.  I honestly hope you will consider serving as the President when you feel your time to serve in the Senate has passed.  I understand that is not likely by '08, but when you are ready you have my vote, and that of many others.
  •  I am proud you are my Senator (none)
    You are the only one on capitol hill with a true mandate.  I am proud you are working for all Americans to get this country back on track.

    I feel the tide is turning.  You all were so brilliant yesterday.  It made me proud to be a Californian!

  •  BEEB on the Bolton confirmation hearings (none)
    But what stunned many observers was that impassioned appeals against Mr Bolton in the committee hearing actually worked.

    The affair has air and legs! The Beeb has also highlighted remarks from Sean in Denver:  "Bolton is a great representative for the majority of US citizens ." H'mm. Whatever could be mean?

  •  Senator Boxer (none)
    I am on your email list so of course I signed the petition immediatly and sent toseveral family and friends. I am a die hard supporter of yours Barbara and will be happy to work for any future campaign you are involved in.

    The hearings gave me new hope for our country and our party. When Lugar continued to try to push the vote you and your fellow committe members rocked. To see Dodd and Biden so mad and passionate was a picture beyond words. Keep up the great work, you are truly one Senator earning her paycheck. I am so proud that you represent California. Now lets work together to terminate the Governator!

    The more understanding one posesses, the less there is to say and the more there is to do.

    by Alohaleezy on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 01:17:38 AM PDT

  •  Amazing what you can miss in 24 hours.. (none)
    Thanks for posting Barbara! You've really just been a great Senator and great American ..thank you. More than I can say for some of your colleagues , some on each side of the aisle, but the majority Repuke.
  •  Quick little ode :) (none)

    On message
    Xactly what this country needs
    Enlightment and

    Tom DeLay looks good in a black tux -- and even better in an orange one. :)

    by cskendrick on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 03:32:32 AM PDT

    Please California send Senator Boxer back to New York, we desperately need her.  You go Senator Boxer you are my hero.
  •  Senator Boxer, (none)
    Thank you so much for your fire and your brains! You are my hero! I loved hearing you on Randi Rhodes yesterday and hearing about the letter you sent. I will definitely do as you say, and I want to tell you I hope you keep your fellow Democrats' feet to the fire, especially with the upcoming filibuster battle. You have done an INCREDIBLE job this week. It gives me the first hopeful feeling that i've had in a long time.


  •  Thank you (none)
    Senator Boxer and all the Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Keep fighting the good fight.
  •  Add my voice... (none) the chorus of thanks to you and the other members of conscience on the committee. I, too, watched the coverage on C-SPAN and was delighted to see not only Dems with fire in their bellies (something you also demonstrated arguing on the Senate floor against the global gag rule, so additional kudos), but at least one Republican persuaded by evidence.

    My only real concern with this nomination, after the circus that was Kerik's nomination, is that the administration is resorting to a "bait-and-switch" tactic in filling these positions. Toss out Kerik, a clearly soiled choice, then slip in Chertoff, who may be even more objectionable. Who'll replace Bolton should his nomination fail? I'm in no way arguing in favor of his nomination; I've just become so jaded from these people sliming their way out of the woodwork and into the public eye, I can barely stand to see the resume of the next nominee. I think what bothers me the most about Bolton is that he's still earning a salary paid for by the tax dollars of Americans, even as he lies to our elected representatives. Here's hoping any further statements he makes to the committee are contrasted with his previous testimony, and we can see the Michael Jackson trial replaced in the news by the Bolton Perjury Trial.

    "So much thinking in our society has been replaced by following. I know God didn't make us for that." --Keith Olbermann

    by Irony on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 05:21:29 AM PDT

  •  a suggestion (none)
    perhaps we could suggest an alternative. i'd like to suggest sean hannity to see if we can use the peter principle in our favor.
  •  What would you think of Rudy? (none)
    Obviously Bush isn't going to nominate a Democrat (unless, of course, Joe wants the job). Do you think there's a chance he would nominate Rudy Giuliani? Frankly, I'd rather see Bolton in the post than Rudy because Bolton's not going anywhere but we all know Rudy has higher ambitions. I guess Hillary would be happy if Rudy got the job because it would eliminate the only serious threat to her reelection.
    •  One theory on Bolton's nomination (none)
      is that Team Bush was so eager to get Bolton to the UN immediately so that he could employ his thuggish tactics in isolating Iran and trumping up a case for war.  If this is true, his presence in the UN would be a disaster for this country.  
      •  Maybe (none)
        but thuggish or nice tactics aren't going to get the French, Russians and Chinese to do anything they don't already want to do. I think Rudy would be a far better UN rep than dumpy looking Bolton. But leave it to Bush to stick with a sinking ship when there's a proven battleship ready to go.
    •  Good idea. (none)
      I'd love to see Rudy nominated. Then maybe we can finally get to the bottom of some of the more fun episodes in his past, like this one, which has to do with the West Point pedophilia case:

      Despite abundant medical and psychological evidence and literally dozens of child witnesses, and despite "950 interviews by 60 FBI agents assigned to the investigation," the investigation, "led by former U.S. Attorney [and future mayor] Rudolph Giuliani" produced "no federal grand jury indictments," according to the Herald Record. "In 1987, Giuliani said his detailed investigation showed only one or two children were abused." Giuliani's contention was directly contradicted by an independent investigation, as the Herald report divulged: "a still-secret, independent report - produced by one of the nation's top experts on child sexual abuse - confirms the children's accusations of abuse."

      "So much thinking in our society has been replaced by following. I know God didn't make us for that." --Keith Olbermann

      by Irony on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 11:24:33 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Me e-mail to them: (4.00)
    "I cannot believe how much damage you're doing to the prestige of the US in the world. Withdraw Bolton's nomination. Now.

    P.S., I'm a progressive Democrat, and every time you screw up in world affairs I make a pile of money."

    "It's better to realize you're a swan than to live life as a disgruntled duck."

    by Mumon on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 06:03:54 AM PDT

  •  Babs, If your gonna post, you gotta learn 1 THING: (4.00)
    Leave a tip Jar!
    (or at least a link to your campaign site so we we can get you some TURKEE!)

    Those willing to sacrifice their etenal freedom for temporary security are worthy of neither freedom nor security.

    by TheGryphon on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 06:11:35 AM PDT

  •  Thanks for working so hard on this! (4.00)
    The nominee would be a disgrace to this country. Bush needs to regroup and find a more suitable person to serve in this capacity.
  •  CA (4.00)
    Senator Boxer makes me want to go westward!  :D
  •  Voinovich (4.00)
    I also recommend letting him know you support his request for more time: (202) 224-3353 Web Form:
  •  I want to thank you, Senator! (4.00)
    You are an amazing person, and make me proud to be a Democrat.  Thank you for standing up for what you and I believe in.  I always look forward to hearing what you have to say, and you well represent the views of all Americans, not just your state.

    Just...thank you!

  •  Senator Boxer, (none)
    your recent performance and that of your colleagues in the Senate has been superb.  By derailing Bolton (even temporarily) you just possibly might have avoided US involvement in yet another neocon war.  Thank you is inadequate in light of that.

    You and your party colleagues have also scored another victory in the framing of the "filibuster" debate.  The Democratic party is a credit to this country.

  •  One thing that (none)
    frightens me about Bolton is that he is evidently a hawk on recognition of Taiwan.  Given China's sensitivities on the issue, and the possibility of war and destruction of Taiwan, do you really want a bull-in-the-china-shop in the UN spot?  Very dangerous and stupid.
  •  citizens demand a better face (none)
    to represent us to the world. we don't deserve this oily rascal.
    ps  put this guy under a magnifying glass. he is a walking pinata of dirty little tricks (maybe a few big ones too) bust him open & watch all the creepies  fall out.

    i'm an agnostic, i'd be an atheist if it weren't for mozart

    by rasbobbo on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 08:15:57 AM PDT

  •  John Bolton's Nomination (none)
       I got tuned in to the Daily Kos via an interview on C-Span with Brian Lamb.  I liked what Kos had to say and I wanted to get into this Blog.
       I admire Senator Boxer's committment to staying the course.  I respect her tenaciousness and will support her anyway I can.  I believe that John Bolton EPITOMIZES one aspect of George Bush's personality and administration:
    Whenever George Bush makes a global statement such as:
    "I want to mend fences with our friends and allies ..." it is VITAL to watch
       ACTIONS that represent the implementation of such statements.
       John Bolton is the quintessential representative of his ACTIONS.
       Nominate a man who despises the U.N.
       Nominate a man who said, without denying he said it:
    "You could take off the top ten floors of the United Nations
    building and it wouldn't matter."
       Senator Boxer; Kerry; Biden; Dodd, etc.  
       Why not discuss, on the record, exactly what scenarios are evoked by that statement?
       Why haven't any of the Senators who oppose Bolton brought this up in detail.
       We ALL know, of course, what happened to two very large, tall office buildings in New York City, on Manhattan, on September 11.
       We ALL know what happened to the people who were in those buildings.
       We ALL know that the image of "tak[ing] off the top ten floors of the United Nations would entail ... blowing them off, essentially.
       We ALL know that several thousand Americans, and other nationalities work on those top ten floors, including, I suspect, the offices of the leadership of the U.N.
       We all know the horror that the exploding WTC, and collapsing buildings, evokes for us.
       So, the question to Mr. Bolton would be:
       Exactly what the fuck did you mean by that, Mr. Bolton?
       Exactly HOW DO YOU SEE the top ten floors of the United Nations being "take[n] off?"
       What exactly, were your trying to convey to the audience where you made this statement?
       Do you realize that the scenario you propose would, theoretically, not be possible without explosions and detonations?  
       Do you have any consideration for the PEOPLE, THE HUMAN BEINGS, who WORK on those top ten floors, when you make a statement like that, in light of September 11?
       Do you really think that 1400 or so people's contriubtions to the running of the U.N. are THAT superflous?
       Do you really want to work in a place where you hold such contempt for the mission of the U.N?
       Do you want to apologize for that statement now?
       If not, why not?
       If so, why so?
       Do you really think that the work performed by those human being on the top ten floors of the United Nations can just be written off?  That they have not had valid and great effects on World Peace by their work?
       I wonder why the Democrats haven't called this for what it is:
       a.  Either a purposeful description of his utter contempt for the U.N. and it's mission;
       b.  A deliberate attempt to display a sentiment that is shared by Bolton and many others, about the U.N.'s mission and role in the world, today;
       c.  Such insensitivity as to be near criminal;
       d.  Such mindlessness as to be dangerous.
       Senator Boxer:  You called it great the other day.  "You can put cologne on it; you can dance around it; you can ... but what you can't do is hide your utter contempt for the U.N."
       The Bush Administration, psychologically, has such a purposeful and utter contempt for ALL matters that liberalism represents, for the last 50 years, that there is a violence, a fury, a savagery inherent in their ACTIONS that I think all of us, who are liberals and progressives, (me, born 1947; Korea garrison duty; Vietnam combat infantry duty severely wounded in 1966; civil rights supporter; anti-Vietnam War officially from summer, 1967 on; member of a local Southwestern New Mexico Peace Group since December, 2002) should be very concerned.
       The Bush Administration is quasi fascist in it's control, secrecy, and connections with the Military Industrial Complex, as well as with Corporate America in general. The Bush Administration has a fury that is part of every action it takes to destroy, dismember, or neutralize every liberal program that has been designed clear back to F.D.R.
       I would love to hear what some psychologists and psychiatrists have to say about Bush, specifically, and the Admninistration, in general.
       So, the nomination of John Bolton is, in fact, a FIGURE OF THE FURY AND HATRED THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION CARRIES FOR THE UNITED NATIONS.  That's the truth of this nomination.
       John Bolton carries the true sentiments of how George Bush feels about the United Nations.  Senator Boxer: I hope you read this, or one of your aids does.  Because the Bolton nomination is an abomination for MILLIONS of we Amercians who do NOT share the view that this is a good man for the job.
        It is like nominating Reinhard Heydrich for some Nazi organization designed to facilitiate Jewish emmigration to Madagascar.  It is full of contempt, and deeply held hatred for the people of Jewish origin, in WW era II Nazi Germany.
       George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld have made it clear what they think of the U.N., with this contemptible nomination.
    •  Maybe...... (none)
      he was being metaphorical? A comment on the UN's labyrinth of Euro-style bureacracy? In 2001 a French diplomat theorized that "cyanide, Auschwitz style gas would speed things up" in the General Assembly. He said this to Le Monde. You Americans need to calm down a bit. You are beginning to sound like Italians.
  •  Did it (first in wrong diary.... (none)
    though as No Coffee for me today.... (I try to be good, I really really do)

    Dear Janet,
    Thank you so much for joining my online advocacy campaign, urging President Bush to withdraw John Bolton's name and nominate a new UN Ambassador.

    Now, I'm not too thrilled about emailing anything to Geoge Warmonger Bush. But I did. So if I end up "missing" or "anything"... I'm sure my brave, free country will sound the alarms, contact the media and rescue my freckled ass out of whatever sinbin I'm placed in.

    Hopefully it won't be a Ubekizstani Jacuzzi.

    Cripes, we've got alot of work to do.

  •  Senator (none)
    You make us proud.  GWB was on tv today talking about what a good man Bolton is.  Anything this President does does not make sense. He is a complete idiot.  

    Blue guy in a red state.

    by txbirdman on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 08:36:29 AM PDT

  •  Once again Senator (none)
    You are a shining example for us all.

    Signed and passed along.  Thank you for all that you continue to do...fighting for what is right.


    "Revolutionary change does not come as one cataclysmic moment...but as an endless succession of surprises, moving zigzag toward a more decent society."

    by saint on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 08:50:50 AM PDT

  •  Thanks Senator Boxer (none)
    Thanks and keep up the good fight.
  •  Somethin' is working!!! (none)
    According to the Washington Post:

    Sen. Lincoln D. Chafee (R-R.I.), a member of the Foreign Relations Committee that is weighing the nomination, "is less likely right now" to vote to confirm Bolton, his spokesman Stephen Hourahan said in an interview. The senator, he said, "wants to get to the bottom" of new allegations about Bolton's dealings with subordinates and classified information. Until Tuesday, when committee Democrats attacked Bolton's record and won a three-week extension to investigate it, Chafee repeatedly had said he was reluctantly inclined to vote for Bolton.
  •  What's the latest on Condi's directive... (none)
    to State Dept. staffers commanding them to refuse to cooperate with the Committee?  I know Sen. Boxer made a statement, but have any of the other Committee members said anything? Lugar, Hagel, any Repubs?  Did W or Scottie address Condi's illegal directive?
  •  Thank You Senator (none)
    We have needed our leaders to stand up for progressivism for the last four years - thank you for being one of the first to pick up the flag and lead our (then) stunned platoon on a counterattack...

    ...and Kossacks, if you can spare 2 minutes and 2 electrons, please read this

    and recommend, or kick in...

    it's got 28 reccommends so far, but gonna fall off the recent diaries list any sec.  It's about a different set of front-line progressive soldiers and their defenseless charges, ones who badly need your help.  A simple reccommend would be highly appreciated.  A hit on the paypal button even more.

  •  Great job BB! (none)
    We needed this kind of scrutiny when Bill Richardson was replaced by Milosevic yes-man Richard Holbrooke. Back then, it was just 250,000 lives lost. Now it's just partisan. Why didn't the GOP think of this in 1992, 96 or 98?
    Otherwise, great job Barb.
  •  Just another word (none)
    of appreciation for your hard work during the Committee meeting.

    Those of us who were live-blogging that event were breathless until Lugar finally saw what had happened.  It was one of those rare democratic moments in time when the process actually worked.

    Despite Senator Lugar's rather rude dismissals of your points of order, his obstinate attempts to railroad a vote, and his closed mind on the obvious shortcomings of this particular candidate, you and your colleagues were tireless, relentless, and effective in the persuasive discourse offered.

    We understand how difficult it is these days to get a hearing in these meetings, but the long-term goals are not only worth it, they are imperative.

    I've signed your petition (and every other one that has come to my e-mail) and passed it along.

    Keep up the good fight, and continue speaking truth to "power."


  •  Thankyou Senator! (none)
    Signed the petition, printed my letter, and will mail it tonight after work... Thanks so much for being my senator and standing up for what is right. Very proud to have voted for you!
  •  great video link (none)
    This is a link to a great video of excerpts from a very distrubing panel discussion that Bolton was part of. It includes the now infamous quote about the "top ten stories" of the UN Building. But it also includes other disturbing footage (that I had not seen before... has not been broadcast that I know of)of his contempt for the UN and his unhinged temperment. Maybe some of you would like to refer to it in your letters.

    This man is no diplomat as you can see be the last excerpt.

  •  Thank you Senator Boxer! (none)
    From a citizen living abroad in Canada, but but a die hard Texas Democrat. Thank you Senator Boxer! You and Obama, Biden, Kerry, Dodd, Sarbanes, & VOINIVICH rock!
    I so glad that you all have taken the kid gloves off and are starting to punch back hard.  SO MUCH is now at stake, our children, our future!  I spend many years teaching poor kids in the slums of Buffalo that America is a proud and wonderful place That they were citizens of free and tolerant country whether they went to church or not they had a duty to participate in the decisions of the nation by voting.  Whether their mama was poor or a prostitute didn't make them any less Americans.  We desperately need a good U.N. Ambassador that won't lie to our President and get us into more wars that needlessly kill those same young people I taught. I know that those kids are now of age to go to war and I dread the thought that I taught them to love America and America now throws them into war without considering them, their families and their future.
  •  Can't we just sent Negroponte back to the UN? (none)
    I'd feel safer with him using his diplomatic skills at the UN than with him supervising homeland security.  After his service in Central America in the Reagan years (claiming that he didn't know about human rights abuses), I would be concerned about putting him in charge of US intelligence.

    "I think it was 'blessed are the cheesemakers.'" ... "it was not to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturers of dairy products."

    by Rusty Pipes on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 11:36:06 AM PDT

  •  Lugar for UN Ambassador (none)
    Perhaps we need to do more than just attack Bolton.  We should put forward a reasonable nominee.  Although some may find Lugar's recent behavior unpleasant, there is no doubt that he has a overall record that, at least for a Republican, is admirable for its foreign policy experience.  Lugar has shown a pragmatic approach to foreign affairs without much of that knee-jerk ideological jingoism and xenophobia.  I believe he is genuinely committed to arms control.  And, being a senator, he is a cinch to get approved there.  

    Since Indiana has a Republican governor, they need not worry about losing his seat.  Lugar is getting up there in years and should recognize that he could make a real contribution to U.S. foreign policy over the next four years while serving in the United Nations.

    "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it." -- Voltaire

    by WaitingForLefty on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 11:47:26 AM PDT

  •  Where's your tip jar, Barbara? :) n/t (none)
  •  Is this really Sen. Boxer here? (none)
    If so, I`d just like to say, you`re the only person in the entire US Senate right now that I would go so far as to say I actually like.  Thank you so much for standing up for the right thing.  You clearly demonstrated that Bolton was the wrong person for this job, based on his own words.  That was completely rock-solid, fact-based, and loaded with irrefutable evidence (video tape!!).  How anyone could continue to support the guy for the UN Ambassador after what he said about the UN is mind-boggling.

    I can`t vote for you in my state (Virginia), but if I could, you`d get mine, and I`m actually 80% opposed to the Democratic Party!  (100% opposed to the Republican Party by the way)

    I hate the Democratic and Republican parties. They are Janus.

    by Smyslov on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 12:32:56 PM PDT

  •  Senator Boxer, everytime I see and hear you (none)
    I become a bigger fan.  Thanks for "Fighting the Good Fight" and your insistence on sanity in the Senate.  

    Also, you did a tremendous job on Bill Maher, and your 10 Questions in Time Magazine this week kept me from throwing the issue away (because Ann Coulter was on the cover....)

    Thank you, ma'am!

    "If I could read your mind, I think I'd take a look...I don't care, baby, I'm not scared."-PSB

    by Revel on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 12:37:55 PM PDT

  •  There is a God (none)
    I live in California, And Senator Barbara Boxer is MY SENATOR !!!!!!
    •  My mother in law's argument (none)
      For us to move out to California (from Missouri) gets a little stronger each time Senator Boxer comes

      "If I could read your mind, I think I'd take a look...I don't care, baby, I'm not scared."-PSB

      by Revel on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 01:10:48 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Thank you (none)
    times a MILLION.

    California's got sunshine, Hollywood, and Senator Boxer.

    Oh, and I saw the interview you did for TIME magazine. I was FURIOUS that it wasn't the cover story (instead a part of the "10 Questions for..." series) but it gave some amount of truth and credibility to an otherwise awful issue.

  •  Must see TV (none)
    After reading the proceedings live on DKos (sorry boss) I stayed up to watch it on CSPAN.  Wow, that was the best thing I had seen on TV in a long time.  Even my wife, who awakens at 5 am every morning, hung in there to watch instead of the usual eye roll and "what the heck are you watching now.  Thank you thank you thank you and keep up the good work.
  •  My letter: (none)
    Mr. President,

    I urge you to withdraw John Bolton's nomination as UN Ambassador and nominate a better qualified, less divisive candidate that all of America can support.  

    This is a critical time in US Foreign Relations, mainly because you lied us into an unnecessary war and alienated many other more sensible and honest national leaders in the process.  

    This unnecessary war has unleashed untold death and destruction upon the heads of innocent people.  It has made America the most hated nation on the planet.  All this so you could set up a puppet government in Iraq and congratulate yourself that you are spreading democracy.

    Instead of adding to your gross incompetence as a leader of a government which you and your right-wing extremist cabal have hijacked, you now have an opportunity to offer this country, and the world, some healing.  

    There are many honorable, diplomatic, dignified, and eminently well-qualified Americans who you could nominate to be our ambassador to the United Nations.    
    Please do your job for once as the leader of the American people.  For better or worse you are our President, and we need you to do the job for which we pay you.

  •  I'm Proud that You're My Senator (none)
    You and Barbara Lee give us hope out here in Cali.  Keep up the good work!

    Get rid of anything the Democratic Leadership Council. Visit the weblog:

    by The Truth on Thu Apr 21, 2005 at 04:59:07 PM PDT

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